Dude Who Urged Guys To Marry Virgins Because They ‘Can’t Be Disappointed’ In Bed Gets Eaten Alive By Twitter

A man on Twitter named Brian (@BrianJDennis), who tweeted his opinion that guys should marry virgins and that “God designed sex for married people alone,” definitely got an earful from people who found a few holes in his argument.

Brian wrote, “A virgin does not know whether her husband sexually satisfied her on the wedding night. She does not know if his penis is too small or too big as she has no experience and does not know what size is small or big.”

Twitter: @BrianJDennis

The idea that a woman wouldn’t know whether or not the sex was good because she didn’t have any prior experience is, of course, completely ridiculous.

But that didn’t occur to Brian, who continued to tweet the reasons that a guy is better off marrying a virgin, mostly, it seems, so she can’t compare her new husband unfavorably to anyone else.

Twitter: @BrianJDennis
Twitter: @BrianJDennis
Twitter: @BrianJDennis
Twitter: @BrianJDennis

People on Twitter immediately responded to Brian, pointing out that his theory doesn’t really hold water.

For example, most virgins are gonna have some sort of idea of what good sex is, even if it’s only from talking to other women or seeing movies where women experience pleasure.

In the age of the internet, a person being completely clueless about sex is going to be pretty rare.

Plus, she can physically FEEL it, and she’s going to know whether it feels good or not.

Some people felt that Brian’s claims were maybe a reflection of how good (or not good) he was in bed.

And at least one person shared that she was “sorry for” whoever Brian ends up marrying.

And someone else thought that sexual incompatibility was the reason that people should actually have sex before they’re married.

Also, Brian’s tweets make no mention of male virgins.

So it doesn’t seem that he’s preaching that everyone should abstain from sex, it really sounds like he’s explaining why guys should ideally have brides who are virgins. And it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.