Pro-Trump Pastor Quits School Board After Racist Facebook Posts Come To Light

Thanks to Donald Trump’s bluntness and bigotry, racists are worming their way out of the woodwork and people are finally starting to pay attention to how unhinged the far right in this country has become over the past decade.

Bob Celeste, a pro-Trump pastor in Maine, has quit the local school board he was serving on after people complained about Facebook posts disparaging Muslims and promoting white supremacy.

News Center Maine

One such post warned “all Muslims” that “the highest concentration of Armed Christians in the world” live in the United States, while others decried “White Genocide,” which is a white supremacist fiction that an increased minority population is somehow a threat to white people. Celeste also called for his fellow citizens to arm themselves against “Obamites” coming to Maine. According to the Bangor Daily News, another Celeste post featured a white woman wagging her finger at a little girl with the caption “Listen to mommy. Never betray your race.” Charming stuff!

Celeste is the “senior pastor” at, which looks pretty much the way you’re picturing it:

Notice that he only supports the “pre-1860” Constitution, which doesn’t include the amendments that freed the slave and extended the franchise to black men.

The site also includes a handy Christian Internet Code Of Ethics that Celeste should have consulted before spewing racist bile all over social media:

Celeste also promoted the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that resulted in an armed man walking into a restaurant in Washington, D.C. and firing a gun.

“Why did I want to be on the school board? I guess the biggest reason I wanted to be on the school board was to be able to articulate knowledgeably the reasons that Christians should not put their children in public schools,” Celeste recently said.

His problem with public schools is that they teach students that Islam is a religion that exists and is practiced by hundreds of millions of people around the world, which seems like important stuff for kids to learn so they don’t grow up to be Bob Celeste.

The terrifying thing is that he was elected to his spot on the school board, which means people actually voted for this guy.

Celeste maintains that he’s not quitting the school board because of angry parents, but rather to spend more time translating the bible.

Can’t wait ’till he gets to the part about loving your neighbor as your love yourself!