Internet Explodes After Patriots Owner Caught In Prostitution Ring

Oh did you think you’d get through the week without hearing one more very gross thing?

You were wrong.

A bust of several Florida massage parlors has ensnared dozens of individuals in a prostitution investigation, one of whom happens to be New England Patriots owner and prominent Trump supporter Robert Kraft.

According to police in Jupiter, FL, Kraft is facing two counts of soliciting prostitution and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

In case you’d like to throw up a little more in your mouth, according to Deadspin there is video of Kraft engaging in sex acts “on two occasions” and the spa is named “Orchids of Asia.”


It would be very easy to make a bunch of jokes about happy endings and deflated balls here but the charges are deadly serious as the spas in question are being investigated for suspected human trafficking in addition to prostitution.

The spas linked to Kraft were part of a wider multi-county investigation into human trafficking in Florida. According to many of the women involved in the case are Chinese nationals who are kept in the spas for days or even months for the purpose of “sexual servitude.”

Police said victims, identified in court records as Jane Does, lived inside the spas and worked as prostitutes. Some stayed for days, others for months.

None were allowed to leave on their own. They did not have their own vehicles and generally spoke Mandarin or Cantonese, not English.

If accurate the allegations made in the Florida investigation amount to nothing short of sexual slavery. goes on to report:

Currey said many came from China on temporary work visas, indebted to the the brokers who helped them reach America, but believing legitimate jobs awaited them.

“Some of them are trying to make a better life for themselves,” he said. “These people truly are stuck.”

They were shamed, intimidated and taught not to speak to law enforcement or immigration officials.

Observers were quick to point out Kraft’s connection to Donald Trump, who happens to own a lot of property in Palm Beach County where the spas in question are located.

We’ll have more on this disgusting story as it develops.