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Trump’s DHS Secretary Got Heckled Out Of A Mexican Restaurant While People Cheered

Yanking kids from away from their parents and jailing them like animals makes people pretty angry.

It seems tossing Hispanic kids into internment camps has left Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen with a craving for Mexican food. Tuesday night she tried to dine out at a Washington, D.C. Mexican restaurant, only to be met by protesters who weren’t too happy that she’s caging toddlers:

The protesters were affiliated with the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which posted the entire video on their Facebook page along with a statement about the event:

“The irony isn’t lost on us that this is a Mexican restaurant. Nielsen has led the program to tear apart families. We are here to tell her to put an end to separating families, to step down as head of the department, and that ICE and CBP must be abolished.”

“We will not stand by and let Sec. Nielsen dine in peace, while she is directing her employees to tear little girls away from their mothers and crying boys away from their fathers at our border,” D.C. DSA steering committee member Margaret McLaughlin said in a separate statement.

The protesters (rightly!) hounded her until she left the Mexican restaurant with her security detail:

They chanted things like “If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace,” and “No borders! No walls! Sanctuary for all!” and “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Nielsen, who’s offered bullsh*t excuses for the ongoing horror show at the border ranging from “there is no family separation policy” to “we’re not going to apologize,” was asked a few simple questions by the protesters:

“Aren’t you a mother too?”

“How do you sleep at night?”

“Do you hear the babies crying?”

A Department of Homeland Security Spokesman tweeted out this embarrassing statement that tries to place Nielsen on the same side as the protesters while shifting blame to “immigration laws” rather than Trump and Nielsen’s policy of child internment:

Trump had reportedly questioned whether Nielsen was “tough” enough to enact the child jailing policy, but all that changed when she offered a vociferous defense of the cruelty during a press conference that was peppered with lies:

But in winning over Trump, she’s lost the rest of the country. Critics of the toddler prison policy (AKA anyone with a shred of humanity left) were here for the shaming:

Sorry, but you don’t get to rip children from their parents in the morning, toss them into internment camps at noon, lie about it in the evening, and still have a quiet fajita dinner at night. Call it a “policy of deterrence” to prevent any future government officials from crossing the boundaries of humanity and wandering into monstrous cruelty.