Protesters Shout ‘Lock Him Up’ At Trump Speech In New Orleans

Trump, who’s pretending he hasn’t left the White House for weeks despite going on a number of trips (including one to Iraq), went to New Orleans today to speak to the American Farm Bureau Federation. He regaled the audience of agricultural sector workers with a speech about… the border wall. You know, the one he shut the government down over and isn’t going to get.

Trump’s speech was his usual combination of equal parts prepared remarks, off-the-cuff riffing, and “?????” He misspoke a couple times and then tried to play it off.

He also lied about how many undocumented immigrants show up for their post-release court date and then insulted the intelligence of those who do:

Probably not a great strategy to call law-abiding people stupid when you’re under investigation for obstruction of justice and flouting campaign finance law.

Outside the venue, protesters gathered to register their disgust with the president, who seems increasingly likely to be—at best—an unwitting Russian asset. The crowd chanted “Lock him up!” re-appropriating a MAGA favorite:

Of course, none of this seems to be getting through to Trump. Because his media diet consists solely of sycophantic Fox News and other ego-boosting fare, he seems to think he’s “winning” the shutdown battle.

In reality, his approval rating has been on a gradual slide since the shutdown started.

Also, most Americans blame him for the shutdown and don’t want the wall.

And that big Oval Office speech claiming there’s a “crisis” at the southern border? It convinced a whopping 2% of Americans to change their mind:

The shutdown—now the longest in American history—seems like it’s going to drag on until Congressional Republicans decide to abandon Trump’s disastrous strategy.

h/t: Raw Story


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