Alleged White Supremacist Gets Knocked Out In Viral Video After Flicking A Cigarette In A Man’s Face

A cellphone video of a brawl between an alleged white supremacist and a group of hecklers that took place in Kansas City is going viral.

Posted to Facebook and Twitter early last week, the video shows an exquisitely narrated altercation between several hecklers and a man decked out in khaki shorts and a black Fred Perry brand polo shirt emblazoned with a laurel insignia—the unofficial uniform of the Proud Boys, a right-wing hate group started by co-founder of Vice media company Gavin McInnes in 2016.

“You’re a Proud Boy, be proud about your sh*t! Be proud about your Aryan race!” one person is heard yelling at the man.

“While he’s rocking that Proud Boy bullsh*t, get this up,” says another while looking into the camera and holding up a skateboard bedecked with an “End Racism” sticker.

A woman with the Proud Boy says “he’s not a Nazi,” to which the initial heckler replies, “Do you know what his shirt is? You don’t know what his shirt is, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.”

At this point, the alleged Proud Boy flicks his lit cigarette directly at the face of the first man, and a brawl ensues. The man ends up on the concrete, his shirt ripped from his body.

The video clip was posted to social media by Twitter user @BoyBoiiAT and had racked up over 160,000 views on Twitter in less than one week’s time.

According to the website for its Kansas City chapter, the Proud Boys self-relate as an all-male frat of “western chauvinists that welcome all races, religions, and sexual preferences.” They describe their ideology as anti-white guilt and anti-PC, refusing to accept blame or feel shame for “slavery, the wage gap, ableism, and some gay-bashing that went on two generations ago.”

The Kansas City Star writes that the “group was prominent at a far-right rally that turned violent this summer in Oregon,” and included a statement from the president of the Kansas City-based Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, Leonard Zeskind, who simply stated, “The Proud Boys are a cover for white supremacists.”

Zeskind went on to explain, “They aren’t white nationalists; they haven’t declared a white nationalist state. But they want to get supremacy — political, economic, cultural — every form of supremacy, to white people or ‘people of the West.”

“It’s a growing movement,” said Zeskind. “People need to be educated about them.”

h/t The Kansas City Star