Her ‘Psycho’ Ex Tried To Trap Her With Pregnancy And That’s Why Women Should Have The Right To Choose

In the wake of so many states passing restrictive abortion legislation, women are speaking out about their abortions. On her show, actor and late night host Busy Philipps brought up her abortion and started a hashtag for women who think they don’t know anyone who’s had one: #YouKnowMe. Women who’d never talked about their abortions shared their stories on social media, to make the point that there a zillion different reasons a woman might choose an abortion, and all of them are valid. Abortion is a personal choice, and a woman’s body should be her own.

One woman named Brie (@meowmeowmeow07) tweeted about her own abortion at the age of 17 after her very scary ex-boyfriend tried to trap her into staying with him by getting her pregnant. In a thread of 10 tweets, Brie explained that this horrible guy had poked a hole into a condom the second time they had sex.

The first “clinic” Brie went to was owned by Christians, who tried to guilt her into keeping the baby.

Brie pointed out that the procedure was neither brutal nor inhumane, because there was no “baby,” just an embryo.

She broke up with the manipulative boyfriend, who proceeded to stalk her for the next 10 years. She is understandably so happy that she didn’t have to have a child with this unstable person.

She concluded the thread by giving some words of encouragement to women who are and who will be affected by this new abominable legislation:

Her thread prompted women to relate the stories of their abortions.

One woman shared that she’d actually gone through something similar, but that she kept the baby. She did not, however, judge Brie for her choice, instead saying that she supported every woman’s right to come to her own decision.

And another person gave kudos to Brie’s awesome friend, who stayed by her side through the trip to the Christian “clinic” and the actual abortion.

Brie later tweeted that sharing her story was scary.

But the support she received online helped her realize that speaking up was important.

It definitely seems like a horrible situation and one that could be terrible to have to talk about, and it was so brave of Brie to come forward and open up like she did. At times like now, when the government is giving more rights to a fetus than to a living woman, and it’s starting to feel like The Handmaid’s Tale is real, it’s important that we women support and learn from each other.

h/t: Twitter: @meowmeowmeow07, Someecards

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.