People Are Slamming This “Karen” For Spraying Weed Killer On Her Neighbor’s Lawn And Killing Her Pet Bunnies

Sometimes there are stories on r/AmItheA**hole where the person posting is so obviously NOT in the wrong that you wonder if they’re just posting to get instant validation. Then, somewhere in their story, they say their family members or friends are telling them they are. There should be an extra award on Reddit for when someone is being gaslit in their relationships!

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This story from u/tdog945 is the perfect example of this phenomenon. The title is a little ambiguous: "AITA? Suing my neighbor after she sprayed weedicide on my lawn."

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But when you read what actually happened, it changes everything:

Caught my neighbor spraying weedicide on my lawn (in my fenced in backyard) because she said “she was sick of all the weeds” and thought she was doing me a solid.

1. I like dandelions they are good for the bees

2. I have pet rabbits, dogs, cats, and a tortoise i like to roam the yard and all of them eat or at least nibble and lick the grass so it’s literally poisoning my pets.

So anyway, I kick her the f—k out and take all my pets inside.

Now 2 of my rabbits are dead and another is in critical condition. I’ll never be able to let my pets outside again to eat the grass because weedicide takes forever to go away because it can sit in the soil for who knows how long and Im worried that the dogs and cats might end up having a reaction too since they also nibble the grass (call me overprotective or over cautious IDC I love my animals)

That is so freaking terrible. The OP says they decided to sue their neighbor for property damage, veterinary bills  "and emotional damage due to the deaths of my two rabbits."

They're also trying to get the cops to charge their neighbor with animal abuse or at minimum criminal damage.

The cops say that might not be possible, because you have to prove ill-intent towards the animals, but they are getting her on criminal trespass charges. Here's where the family comes in:

She’s a Karen. I think she deserves it for thinking she had any right to be on my property at all; and especially because it’s killed my pets and now Idk what to do about my lawn because I’m not risking another animal’s life by letting them out (at least unsupervised for at least a year. However my parents and my girlfriend think I’m being unnecessarily cruel because it “was an accident and she thought she was just being a good neighbor, and that Im making it to be a bigger deal than it is” and should just ask for her to pay my vet bills.

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The OP also edited later to add that they can't prove it, but a stain on the rabbit's pen made them think the animals got a direct spray, which is sick.

They're planning on getting a report from the vet on toxicity levels n the animals that died.

This whole thing is so tragic, but especially because the OP doesn't seem to be getting support from family at home. Luckily, Reddit is here for them:

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Nothing will bring their bunnies back, but a little justice might help the OP find peace again. Awkward neighbor situation though.