Raccoon Who Climbed A 20-Story Building Is Now A Social Media Star

In case you haven’t logged into social media in the last 24-hours, a raccoon has become a social media star overnight after she was spotted “Spiderman crawling” up a 20-story skyscraper.
According to Good Morning America, the furry friend was spotted on a ledge of the UBS Financial Services building in St. Paul, Minnesota. She proceeded to climb the rest of the 20-story building. As the story progressed, and her journey continued to the top, people on Twitter were all-in and hooked on whether or not the raccoon would make it to the roof.

Eventually, she did make it all the way up to the roof.

People on Twitter were so invested in the story, that #mprraccoon became a trending topic on the social media network.


And, someone made the raccoon her own profile.

The mayor even tweeted about the incident.

After the raccoon made it to the roof, officials captured her in a cage, and later on set her free.

While I’m not a fan of raccoons (I’m actually terrified of them), it’s nice to see something trending on social media other than the Trump dumpster fire of an administration. Cheers!