Customer Goes On Racist Rant Over Spanish Words On A Mexican Menu

A man who was confused about a taco special went on a racist rant over the fact that there were Spanish words on the menu at a Mexican restaurant in Anaheim, CA. The man yelled at employees and even other customers and threatened to have the restaurant owner deported before finally leaving.

He initially became angry when he reportedly found out couldn’t get a fish taco at Palapas Tacos for $1.99 on Monday because that was the Friday special. “Especial de Viernes,” the sign in the restaurant reads, with both the English and Spanish words for “Friday” being on the poster.

In the video, the man can be heard loudly complaining, “It says it in Mexican,we’re not in Mexico. We’re in America, not Spanish.” And we are all now stupider for having read that sentence. He also yelled, “I’m an American! I don’t do Spanish.”

He can also be seen yelling at customers who try to come to the cashiers’ defense.

When the man left, the owner of Palapas Tacos, Juan Del Rio, followed him outside in an attempt to speak with him. He pulled out his phone and recorded the unidentified man saying that he was going to call Immigration on him because he wasn’t “legal,” which is quite an assumption to make.

Speaking to Fox 11, del Rio said “I just feel like it’s sad that there’s people [who] actually that think like that, that they own this country. I don’t know. But over a taco?”

h/t: Fox 11

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.