Racist Instagrammer Reported Her Account Deletion To The Police For ‘Murder’

The racist Instagram influencer known as Jessy Taylor who had her account deleted after she was reported for being repeatedly racist apparently called the police and compared what happened to murder. The cops she talked to did not agree.

“I called the police actually and told them about this,” Taylor told Insider in an interview, “and they said you can’t compare a murder to this, and I was like, no, that’s exactly what it felt like.”

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The Instagrammer, who had over 100,000 followers before her account was removed, already made a tearful video begging people to stop reporting her, claiming that “I’m nothing without my following.” She further claimed that she has no other professional skills and doesn’t want a 9-5 job. To be fair, nobody does, but many of us bite the bullet and do it anyway.

Taylor claimed that her account was deleted because something something “haters,” but after she posted her sob story on YouTube, people began sharing examples of her racist behavior, including calling a black woman a “hoodrat” and saying all black women are ugly. Now she’s claiming she only spouted racism because she thought it would get her more followers.

“That wasn’t from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “At the time, I didn’t have that many followers, so I thought if I say this, maybe I can get more followers.”

What’s that saying about reaping what you sow?

It’s unclear what Taylor thought she would accomplish by calling the police, only saying that it felt like she had been murdered.

“I felt like it was a homicide,” she said. “Like somebody murdered me and then went online to say, ‘I murdered this girl.’

Things aren’t all bad for Taylor, however. She’s now decided to focus more on her YouTube channel, which has over 5,000 subscribers, especially since she can live anywhere with a successful YouTube account. She’d like to move to the U.K. because “guys are hotter there.”

Her YouTube commenters don’t seem to be big fans, however.

Taylor has also reported that she was a sex worker prior to becoming an Instagram influencer and doesn’t want to return to that life. However, being a former sex worker is no excuse for racism, and Instagrammers of color deserve a space free of racial hatred. YouTube is honestly probably a better place for her.