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Racist Jerk Goes On Drunken Anti-Arab Rant And Gets What’s Coming To Him

A recent viral video which shows footage of a man who decided to go on a drunken racist tirade in an AT&T store. Fortunately, his comeuppance was promptly delivered and Twitter is mercilessly ripping him to shreds.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @mohamburger shared footage of a drunken customer he encountered at work who berated him and yelled racist remarks.

In the video, the customer appears to get angry with Mo, mocking his full name (Mohammed) and calling him a “f**king Arab”.

The woman filming steps in to defend Mo while the customer continues his racist rant.

“I’ve been killing their goddamn kind for six months,” he said.

He then blames “people like” Mo for the current state of the country and repeats that he’s been “killing his kind” for almost twenty years.

So, which is it? Six months or twenty years?

The customer goes on to talk about how many continents he’s been on because apparently, that’s relevant information when you’re a drunk blubbering racist.

Fortunately, the woman filming had already called the police who arrived just as the customer was trying to leave.

According to a tweet, he was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, and Abusive Language.

Mo later shared full footage of the encounter which appears to have been started because the customer’s nephew didn’t bring a driver’s license.

Of course, Twitter was quick to support Mo and shut down the customer.

One of Mo’s coworkers even chimed in.

h/t: Twitter