Racist Lawyer Gets Booted From His Office Space, Cowardly Flees From Cameras Again

The racist New York City lawyer who’s popped up in several videos expressing disgusting, bigoted views is having another really bad day. First he had his business besieged by angry citizens drowning him in one-star reviews, then he had to hide inside an umbrella to avoid questions from photographers, now he’s out on the street. Why can’t this simple angry racist catch a break!

Aaron Schlossberg, the racist lawyer who skyrocketed to internet infamy after video surfaced of the 44-year-old berating a salad shop manager for allowing his employees to speak to each other in Spanish, is having another bad day. He’s been forced to leave his office space in midtown Manhattan as a result of his vile bigotry.

According to the New York Post,

“We have terminated his services agreement with us,” Hayim Grant, the president of Corporate Suites, which operates the business center, told The Post Thursday, adding that he was “completely shocked” by the nearly minute-long clip. “His actions are just not consistent with our community and rules and regulations … It’s totally contrary to everything we believe in as a company and personally.”

And the security guards at his (former) building were even angrier about his racist rants. “I’ll throw my shoes at him. We’re all hungry for him,” one security worker told The Post. “If it was up to me I wouldn’t let him in. We all want to bury him one way or another.”

Schlossberg tried and failed to dodge cameras on his way to work this morning, and—after a costume change—he cowardly sprinted away this evening:

Schlossberg has also had complaints filed against him by both Congressman Adriano Espaillat and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. with the New York State Unified Court System’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee. If the complaints are found to have merit he could lose his license to practice law in New York, which he probably should.

It’s too bad Schlossberg lost his office space because a GoFundMe launched to hire a Mariachi band to play outside his office met its goal! Oh well, maybe they can serenade him wherever he lands next.

h/t: New York Post