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Racist Man Pulls Gun On Muslim Girls At McDonald’s And Manager Tries To Throw Out The Girls

In a disturbing instance of racism, 4 black Muslim girls were being harassed by a racist white man, at a McDonald’s, who, it turned out, had a gun. While the man with the gun waited for the girls outside, the manager of the McDonald’s tried to throw the teens out, putting them right into the mouth of danger.

In a tweet that’s gone viral, the kids can be heard saying in a video “He’s got a gun,” before the manager of the Eden Prairie, MN, McDonald’s where all this happened, shows up and does the exact opposite of keeping it cool.

The footage was originally tweeted on Monday evening by Farida Osman, one of the teens involved.

Along with the video, Osman wrote, “@McDonalds is this what you stand for? We were just trying to order when this man said racist remarks, claimed to be touched (when really he pushed a kid as seen on video) pulled a gun out on kids and you still kick us out knowing we’re in danger?”

In a second tweet, Osman included another video, this one showing a member of the McDonald’s management telling the kids that the guy pulled out the gun “for a reason.”

It was when the first video was posted by activist @_SJPeace_ that the footage went viral.

In a follow-up tweet, @_SJPeace_ pointed out the one decent adult in the restaurant, a man who told the manager not to send the kids outside when a guy had just pulled a gun on them (it seems like the guy with the gun was outside the restaurant at this point).

@_SJPeace_ sent a few more tweets, writing about how his own sisters are “visibly Muslim women” and describing as “inhumane” and “evil” any person who would kick the girls out.

The owner of this McDonald’s, Paul Ostergaard, told Business Insider that they are investigating the incident. He said,

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees,” Ostergaard said. “We take this matter seriously and are working with local law enforcement while we investigate the situation.”

Hm. That’s weird because it certainly didn’t seem like the safety of the black Muslim girls was much of a priority for the manager at all.

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