Racist Moron Completely Obliterated After Racist Tweet

Canadian podcaster, men’s rights advocate, conspiracy theorist, alleged cult leader, and Trump supporter Stefan Molyneux recently got schooled on Twitter after attempting to make a racist joke.

The setup goes like this: A professor says “race is a social construct,” the doctor offers to give him an organ donation from a different race, leading the professor to panic and reveal he does not actually believe in his previous statement and is a raging racist.

Twitter account @onlxn shared a screencap of a recent exchange between Molyneux and Twitter account @randygdub, in which the latter replies to the former’s joke by asking, “do you think organ transplants between two different races doesn’t work. is that a thing you think.”

Clearly, this is precisely what Molyneux believed, right up until he Googled it.  “It does of course, but on average the odds would be lower for a genetic match,” he says.

(According to LifeCenter Northwest, “Organ and tissues transplantation can exceed racial boundaries; however transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of similar backgrounds” due to the fact that “people’s blood type, tissue marker, and size are often correlated to their race and ethnicity.”)

Ellickson warns social media denizens to not feel bad for Molyneux, explaining that he “isn’t always this coy” and reiterating that he is, in fact, “an explicit racist.”

Some of the replies featured their own dunks on Molyneux, like @TheDreamGhoul’s clap back to his wayward belief that “birth control is not healthcare.”

@realsheldiablo recalled the time Molyneux posed as “an attractive young woman” in his own Google+ comments section. A young woman who understands what it’s like “to be seen as nothing more than a sex doll,” yet who regularly uses that “to my ‘advantage’ to ‘get over’ the system.”

But mostly, people marveled at the fact that Molyneux needed no help in owning himself.