Racist White Woman Tells Latino He Is A Rapist And Drug-Dealer In Appalling New Twitter Video

“Why do you hate us?” a Mexican man named Esteban Guzman is heard asking a white woman in a video posted to Twitter early Monday. The clip — shared by a friend of Guzman, an activist named Kenidra Woods — is an appalling look at how Donald Trump’s presidency has emboldened racists across the nation to attack people of color with shameless aggression and pride. It has racked up over 28,000 likes and over 17,000 retweets in less than nine hours.

In response, the woman shoves her middle finger mere inches from the man’s face. “Because you’re Mexicans,” she responds, hands perched on her hips.

“Because we’re Mexicans?” he asks her. “We’re honest people right here,” he tells her, as she laughs in his face and says, “yeah, rapists and animals!”

“Rapists?” he responds, as she nods. “How many people have I raped? How many drugs have I dealt?”

At one point, the woman says something about “the president of the United States.” Guzman replies, “do you believe everything he tells you?”

Woods followed the video up with a message from Guzman. “Thank you for voting for Trump because to him everywhere I go I am a rapist, an animal, and drug dealer,” he writes. “You don’t know what it feels like to be hated so much. I can take all the racial slurs they can throw at me. However, when they start yelling at my mother, that’s another story,” he continues, revealing the woman behind the camera to be his mother.

“We are honest, hardworking, and respectful people. PLEASE WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO STOP RACISM!”

“No one should be made to feel less than. I am outraged for him.” wrote Woods of her friend. “This is not ok.” In her next tweet, Woods shared a picture of Guzman at his college graduation.

“Despite what the racist white woman said — he’s not a rapist, neither does he sell drugs,” Woods wrote. “He’s a hardworking man who truly inspires me.”

Many on Twitter pointed out how the woman’s words echoed those of Donald Trump almost exactly. Trump has come under fire almost consistently throughout his lifetime and presidency for his choice of words when referring to people of color, and specifically to Latinx immigrants.

Trump has outright called Mexican immigrants “rapists and drug-dealers” multiple times. He has been quoted as saying, of immigrants: “These aren’t people. These are animals.” He has tweeted that Mexico is an “enemy,” has called the entire nation “corrupt” and “full of criminals.” Let us not forget that he held — and still holds — over 2000 migrant children hostage in the hopes that the Democrats will allow him to build his beloved and ridiculous wall.

When criticized, Donald Trump has not backed down from his racist rhetoric — he has doubled down. 

Of course the irony here is that both the Donald Trump administration and his official state media propaganda machine, Fox News, claims “civility” to be of the utmost importance, regularly attacking comedians and actors who have dared to stand up to joke about or cuss at the bullies in the White House. Here’s a worthwhile thread to read on why it’s not only “ok” to say f*** Trump — it is absolutely necessary to.