Racists Get Brilliantly Trolled In This Mexican Airline Ad And People Are Applauding

It’s been quite a week for “woke capitalism.” First, Gillette released an ad campaign aimed at combatting toxic masculinity. The ad went viral, provoking a massive backlash from angry bros that only amplified the message. Now, a Mexican airline is rolling out their own campaign and it’s simply brilliant.

Aeromexico, a Mexican airline that operates mainly out of Mexico City, was confronted with a bit of a problem: How to get more U.S. citizens to travel to Mexico. Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media have been engaged in a years-long campaign to foment anti-Mexico sentiment and Aeromexico decided to confront it head-on.

Because Mexicans and Americans have been living together and intermarrying for years, they decided to offer DNA tests to people who said they’d NEVER visit Mexico and then offer discounts based on what percentage Mexican they were.

The results were pretty funny. The majority of DNA tests they performed in the southwestern United States found some Mexican heritage. Most of the people confronted with their Mexican heritage (at least in the ad) seemed perfectly fine with it.

And the ad won tons of praise on Twitter:

Great troll, great ad, and a great discount. ¡Viva Mexico!


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