Clueless Reddit Guy Doesn’t Get Why Wiping His Feet On His Girlfriend’s Face Towel Is A Big Deal

It’s great to find someone you like enough to want to be in a long-term relationship with, right? You combine your lives and share absolutely everything… with a few necessary boundaries, of course. Generally speaking, the basic rules of courtesy and respect still apply, which is why it was so baffling to read a post by a clueless guy on Reddit’s AITA subreddit who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of either of those words.

Reddit user carefree-bf (a throwaway account, I think it’s safe to assume) took to the site on Thursday to pose a very important question: was he an a-hole for wiping his feet all over the same towel his girlfriend uses to wash her face? While the obvious answer here is a big fat YES, the poster insisted that he didn’t even realize she used the towel on her face at first. However, once he found out, he… still didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.

“I hate walking on carpeted floors with wet feet after a shower, so I dry myself with a towel, which I assume is common. My gf has this small cloth that I’ve seen her use while washing her face. Since we’ve started living together (about 5 months now) I’ve been using her cloth to wipe my feet because the texture feels SO GOOD,” he wrote.

He continued: “She recently caught me doing this and blew up, saying that I’m dirty and freaking out about her “skin cleanliness” or something. She’s upset at the idea of unknowingly washing her face with something that has touched my feet, but I feel my body is exceptionally clean since I’ve just gotten out of the shower. She’s disgusted with me and claims that you shouldn’t wipe your feet, face, ass with the same towel but I believe it’s not a big deal. Come on, it’s the same clean body after a shower.”

Something tells me this guy wouldn’t be willing to wipe his face with the same towel that had been in his butt, but I suppose I could be wrong. That being said, it was a bit troubling to see him double down on his ignorance by insisting that his girlfriend normally “isn’t scared of dirt” since she skateboards and that he “strongly believes” they should share everything anyway since they live together. After all, doesn’t she care about his comfort?

Unsurprisingly, the verdict was nearly unanimous: this dude is gross. Thankfully, instead of being stubborn, he did seem to relent eventually and vowed to “look into” getting his own towel. Let’s hope he does that.