Religious GOP Lawmaker Calls Vaccines ‘Sorcery’ So Twitter Drops Some Science On Him

What sorcery is this?

By and large conservatives love the Bible and most of all they love hiding behind it. Truly there’s something in the Good Book that can be used to justify every bias and to support every position, no matter how poorly thought-out.

Such was the case in Texas recently where state legislator Jonathan Stickland called vaccines “sorcery” in an anti-vaccine rant directed at Peter Hotez, a pediatrician and professor at Baylor University who had tweeted in support of vaccines.

Stickland, whose Twitter bio proclaims him to be a “Christian Conservative Liberty Loving Republican” began his anti-vaxx rant after Hotez tweeted an infographic about rising vaccination exemption rates in Texas, calling the doctor and professor “bought and paid for” by special interests.

After everyone with two brain cells to rub together told him he was a moron Stickland whipped out the real fire and brimstone, hiding behind the skirts of “The Lord God Almighty” and capping it off with a satisfying “Repent!”

Twitter was quick to put Stickland in his place, calling into question both his knowledge of the subject matter and his own credentials. (And throwing in some roasts of course.)

As some pointed out the Bible that people like Strickland love to thump is full of magical tales of sorcery if that’s what he’s interested in.

h/t: RawStory