This Reporter Calling Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Having No Empathy Will Make You Cheer

The White House has escalated their war on the press, but the press is still demanding answer to the questions we should all be asking.

White House CNN correspondent Jim Acosta is a favorite punching bag of the Trump administration, partially because Trump hates CNN and partially because he asks tough questions:

Fox News recently got in on the Acosta-bashing posting a disgraceful story accusing the veteran newsman of “grandstanding” for asking North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un question we can only assume Trump didn’t—“Will you denuclearize?”

Instead of Fox News taking the side of their colleague and the free independent press that Kim is so afraid of, they attacked him and put the post on the front page of their website.

In a move that Kim would probably be happy with, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale demanded Acosta’s press credentials be yanked for daring to question a brutal dictator:

Acosta fired back, pointing out how radical Parscale’s request was:

And Parscale immaturely snapped back with a non-sequitur:

Today, Acosta again challenged the White House, this time asking Sanders to answer for Jeff Sessions’ recent biblical justification of the cruel Trump administration policy to a group of religious leaders:

“Where does it say in the Bible that it’s moral to take children away from their mothers?” Acosta asked. “I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law. That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible,” Sanders responded. Acosta pressed her further on the monstrous practice, and instead of answering, Sanders took aim at Acosta and then dishonestly tried to shift blame to the Democrats, “I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences, I guess, and please don’t take my word out of context,” adding, “The separation of an illegal alien families are the product of the same loopholes the Democrats refuse to close.”

The policy could be reversed at any moment by the Trump administration, but they’ve made it clear they have no intent of doing so.

Acosta cut through her bullsh*t and got to the heart of the matter:

“How is it a moral policy to take children away from their parents? Can you imagine the horror these children must be going through, when they come across the border and they’re with their parents and then suddenly they’re pulled away from their parents? Why is government doing this?”

Sanders repeated that following the law is “moral” and then got dunked on by CBS reporter Paula Reid, who fact-checked Sanders’ lies, saying “First of all, there is no law that requires families be separated at the border. This was the administration’s choice to move from civil matters on immigration to criminally prosecute people who come across the border illegally and therefore have to separate families.”

Sanders kept up her schizophrenic strategy of defending the policy while blaming it on Democrats and that’s when Playboy reporter Brian Karem had had enough:

In a tense exchange, Karem shouted from the back, “Come on, Sarah, you’re a parent! Don’t you have any empathy for what these people are going through!?”

Sanders continued ducking the question asking Karem to “settle down” before attacking him for “wanting to get more TV time.” Karem didn’t let up, repeating the question, but Sanders ignored him. She’s fine using her identity “as a mother” when it can serve as a shield from unwanted criticism, but when you use to ask her to empathize with other mothers—particularly those being victimized by her boss—she’s less than thrilled.

We’re really through the looking glass when a reporter for Playboy has a stronger moral compass than the president of the United States and his entire staff.

h/t: Daily Beast