Republican Uses Ham Sandwich To Attack AOC

Okay, it was only a photo of a ham sandwich, but when you see it, you’ll feel attacked yourself.

Scott, if you’re going to post a photo of a ham sandwich to help your point, at least let your mom make it for you. Because that is one nasty looking sandwich. Even for a ham sandwich.

To be fair, Scott Walker seems to have a unique talent for horrible food photos. He has an Instagram account, too, and somehow manages to even make pasta look unappealing.

What filter does he use to make fresh food look like it’s been sitting out for 12 hours? At least it’s better than the photo of his grocery cart full of Cheetos and butter.

This mayonnaise-covered attempted Twitter zing originated from a recent interview in which Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed out that Republicans constantly use the idea of socialism as a right-wing boogeyman any time Democrats try to push significant policy. Apparently, Scott Walker, who recently lost his governorship to the Democratic challenger, was particularly offended by the mention of a ham sandwich to the point that he went to the trouble of making one and photographing it before spouting the usual lies about banning airplanes and cows and stuff.

The Green New Deal says nothing about pigs, though, so you can keep enjoying your bland sandwiches, Scott.

Ocasio-Cortez has been too busy focusing on her utterly packed town hall on the subject of the Green New Deal, which has continued to grow in popularity, to respond to Walker yet. However, she doesn’t need to lower herself to the level of a ham sandwich, because the common people of Twitter are here to drag Walker for her.

From now on, everyone is to refer to Walker as Scott “Ham Sandwich” Walker.