Republican Calls AOC Sexist Insult And Then Deletes His Account Like A Coward

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has quickly become both a political star and a lightning rod and has dealt with the insane levels of both attention and criticism remarkably well, pushing a bold message of political reform even as critics and creeps lash out at her in a never-ending verbal assault.

Every day online a similar pattern plays out: AOC’s seething detractors attack her from all sides while she calmly disarms and dispatches them like low-level goons in a kung fu flick. But sometimes AOC doesn’t even need to respond for her critics to self-implode. Such was the case with Richardson, Texas City Councilman Scott Dunn.

In an apparent response to AOC’s State of the Union tweet, Dunn, probably four fingers deep in a blended scotch, took to Twitter to call her a “bimbo.”

Not only was the remark sexist, inaccurate, and immature, he also owned himself in the tweet itself by writing “ear” instead of “ears.” For future burns remember: Always double-check your spelling when insulting someone’s intelligence.

The tweet was a perfect encapsulation of how conservatives react to Ocasio-Cortez: She scares them because she’s far to the left of them and advocates progressive policies but she also arouses their misogyny by being a woman and a young and attractive woman at that. It’s a weird and confusing cocktail for conservatives to stomach and they tend to blurt out sexist vitriol like Dunn or accuse her of dancing too much.

After sending the foolish tweet Dunn quickly deleted his Twitter account in shame and has allegedly apologized in a private Facebook post, although his apology was reportedly of the “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” variety.

As you would expect Twitter had AOC’s back and Dunn’s ass.


h/t: RawStory