Republican Claims The Minimum Wage Is ‘Livable’ If You Don’t, You Know, Actually Live

There are few groups that conservatives hate more than the working poor.

After all the fact that you can break your back working under the rotten yoke of capitalism and yet remain broke, struggling, and even homeless really undercuts their most beloved myth that hard work in America is a straight path to riches and success.

So when they can’t accuse the poor of being lazy, as they would with the jobless, conservatives instead pivot to calling them stupid and irresponsible.

Such was the case recently when a guy named Jake Neidert fired off a tweet claiming that a minimum wage income is perfectly adequate if you’re not living a foolishly lavish lifestyle containing things like “entertainment.”

For context the federal minimum wage is currently a measly $7.25 an hour for a grand total of approximately $14,500 a year.

Thankfully the good folks on were in no mood for Jake’s tired, aristocratic bullsh*t and he was roasted worse than a forgotten beef patty on a closed grill.

Poor Jakey was doused with gallon after gallon of cold facts and drenched with basic math.

Judging from his other recent tweets this joker is overflowing with terrible opinions like a concert porta potty on day three.

If only he could feel shame.