Republican Congressman Reads From ‘Mein Kampf,’ Accidentally Compares GOP To Nazis

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks must have felt pretty righteous and pretty clever when he stepped onto the floor of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday to slam Democrats with a historical analogy.

With all the confidence of a 9th grader who’s just skimmed a Wikipedia article, Brooks railed against  the “socialist Democrats and their Fake News media allies” for their investigations into Donald Trump’s potential campaign collusion with Russia, referring to the theory as a “Big Lie” and quoting from Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf to explain how propaganda works.

Now, pause for a moment and consider two things:

1) Here’s a representative of the U.S. government quoting Adolf Hitler to further his argument. Fun.

2) Brooks misunderstands the context of the quote completely. While he’s clearly trying to compare the media’s hunt for a Trump-Russia connection to the sort of dishonest propaganda perpetuated by the Nazis, the passage of Mein Kampf that he’s quoting from ascribes the “Big Lie” to the Jews.

In other words, in Brooks’ analogy the media and the left are the Jews, and the GOP are the Nazis.


Brooks also repeatedly refers to Hitler, one of the most virulently right-wing figures in history, as a “socialist” in a ham-fisted and absurd attempt to link the fascist dictator to contemporary liberals.

As some pointed out Brook’s botched analogy is made even more ridiculous in light of recent Republican reactions accusing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism for her critical remarks about Israel.

A constituent of Brooks’ provided some context with a Twitter thread on the Congressman’s anti-immigrant, white-nationalist positions over the years.

Your move, Steve King.