Republican Congressmen Calls For Trump’s Impeachment In Damning Twitter Thread

Justin Amash is a bit of a loner within the Republican Party. The Michigan Congressman is the only member of his party to have broken ranks and called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. He’s also brushed off Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s criticisms, saying McCarthy was “lying” and that “that’s typical Kevin.”

Amash first made his stance known last week, saying that it was his conclusion that Trump had “engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Now, in a lengthy and unsparing Twitter thread, Amash has detailed all of the corruption that the Mueller report uncovered, explaining why it matters and is not the “complete exoneration” that Trump claims it to be.

He laid out the evidence for obstruction of justice, detailing Trump’s many attempts to meddle with the investigation.

As the only Republican Congressman to have called for impeachment Amash did not shy away from the “I” word in his analysis.

In case you thought Amash’s fellow Republicans would take his defection well, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has already called his call for impeachment “disturbing.”

Meanwhile, Trump himself has slammed Amash as a “loser” and a “total lightweight” because our president is half wannabe mobster and half high school mean girl.