Republican Gets Roasted For Admitting Republicans Don’t Care About Federal Workers

One Ryan Ellis, a self-described tax lobbyist, is apparently making an early run for “Worst Person of 2019” with an incredibly honest and revealing Twitter thread. It almost seems like an indictment of the Republican party, until you read the rest of what he has to say.

So, according to this Republican, Republicans only care about Republicans, and no amount of suffering experienced by someone who doesn’t vote Republican will move them to care, let alone do anything to help. Ryan Ellis said it himself.

He then goes on to say that the over 800,000 furloughed federal employees who have been without work or working without pay for 21 days now are only experiencing a “pay period lapse which is literally hours old.” How a lobbyist would know anything about this is unknown, and this statement also flies in the face of the actual furloughed workers who have spent the past three weeks telling us that they’re not being paid for the duration of the government shutdown.

They may have only recently received paychecks for $0, but as they’ve been trying to explain to rich Republicans, a single missed paycheck can leave them without the ability to pay their rent, mortgage, child support, bills, or for essentials like food and medicine. And it doesn’t much matter to bill collectors if the money is going to show up sometime later.

But Ryan Ellis doesn’t even think these jobs should exist, so who cares, right? Who needs security at airports or people checking to make sure our food isn’t poisoned?

Despite having a modest number of followers, Ellis’ comments were callous and heartless enough to grab the attention of Twitter users with souls. Hop aboard the drag train! Toot toot!

Imagine how many people would start believing in god if this guy got E. coli because the part of the government that inspects our food is shut down. Just saying.