Republicans Starting To Admit That Trump Will Be Indicted

Chris Christie, also known as Trump’s sad footstool, went on ABC’s “This Week” to admit that things don’t look good for the President. He seemed fairly certain that, at the very least, Captain “NO COLLUSION” will end up in court based on the language of the most recent memos released by the Mueller investigation team.

“The language in the sentencing memo is different from what we’ve heard before,” said Christie. “The only thing that would concern me if I was the president’s team this morning about this sentencing memo is the language.”

This happened on the same day that former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said it’s “clear” that Trump will be “indicted eventually.” Yes, this is the same Andrew McCarthy that you see regularly on Fox News if you’re self-hating enough to watch it regularly.

It would appear that Republicans are finally starting to crack and admit that an indictment against Trump via the Mueller investigation is inevitable. The only question left is at what point the party will turn on Trump and try to deny ever supporting him.

“Because everyone knows that Michael Cohen is not going to be the most effective or trustworthy witness on the stand, given some of his past statements. When prosecutors sound that definitive they’ve got more usually than just one witness,” Christie continued during his interview. “Now the flip-side for the prosecutors is, they’d better have more than one witness on this because if you’re shooting at the president of the United States and the only bullet in your gun is Michael Cohen, well I think that’s a problem.”

Translation: This is definitely going to trial and it’s going to get juicy.

According to Andrew McCarthy, if you believe much of anything he says, a sitting president can’t be indicted. Or he can be indicted but they can’t throw the book at him until he’s officially kicked out of office. I’m not sure what’s better – throwing Trump in prison now, or letting him sweat under constant attack by the Democrat-controlled House knowing that every day brings him closer to a dank, dirty cell.