Petty Restaurant Worker Chases Down $60 From Heart Attack Victim

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith that there are still good people in the world when you hear so many stories of pettiness, rudeness, and outright terrible behavior pretty much every day. A recent post on Reddit’s AITA subreddit from a restaurant employee who’s hell-bent on chasing down a $60 dinner bill after the dad had a serious heart attack during the meal is one such example, and the logic behind it is truly mesmerizing.

A throwaway account under the username lumbering_henry posted his quandary to Reddit on Tuesday, presumably hoping to feel justified in his extreme level of crappiness. As he explained in a now-deleted post (that the smart folks on the AITA Twitter account were smart enough to screenshot before it went), why should nearly dying during a meal preclude someone from having to pay for half-eaten food?

The story went a little like this: an employee at a struggling family restaurant was on shift when a couple and their child recently came in for dinner. They ordered about $60 worth of food and got through half of it before the dad began clutching his chest in pain. The employee called 911, the father was rushed to the hospital, and his wife and child understandably left without paying the bill.

That didn’t stop the employee from asking for a phone number to follow up about the money later. While he called under the guise of asking after the dad’s health—the customer’s heart attack was apparently serious enough that he was left with lasting damage to the vital organ—he soon got down to business and asked where his money was.

After harassing the family for long enough, the mom began to dodge his calls. That didn’t keep the employee from continuing to call, however, to the point that eventually the dad answered the phone and told him to buzz off. The employee claims he then began insulting and cursing out the man and that eventually, the dad hung up on him. The restaurant never got their money and the employee wants to feel vindicated in his dogged persistence in chasing down a paltry sum of money from a family who’s just been through major trauma.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone who responded to the thread thinks this guy is a major a-hole, but many others also suspect that the post was a fake posted by a troll just wanting to get a rise out of people.

Given that it was deleted less than 24 hours after it was posted, they may be right—and I seriously hope they are.