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Right-Wing Media Is Using A Years-Old Photo Of A Bloody Border Agent To Justify The Tear Gas Attack

Right-wingers are desperate to find a way to justify the fact that U.S. troops at the Mexican border are using tear gas on women and children after a group of migrants stormed a fence. The way they’ve done that is by circulating a picture of a U.S. border patrol agent who supposedly had a rock thrown at him. One big problem, though—that picture is from years ago.

Conservative radio personality and CNN commentator Ben Ferguson posted the photo on Facebook.

Other conservative Facebook pages picked up Ferguson’s post, and in this fashion, the picture went viral among the pro-Trumpers.

The right-wingers even went so far as criticizing news outlets for not running the photo, which, again, was from years ago.

That photo is completely unrelated to the migrant situation brewing at the border now. The picture actually comes from an article in Homeland Security Today that states that the border patrol agent in that photo was attacked by rocks in 2013. There’s really no more information about the photo than that.

At a roundtable in Biloxi, Mississippi on Monday night, Trump spoke about the supposed rock-throwing on Sunday, saying that three border patrol agents were badly hurt. He also retweeted an account called @The_Trump_Train who wrote, “Will CNN ever ask Border Patrol agents how they felt having large rocks chucked at them by criminal illegals.”

Just going to put a quick reminder here that applying for asylum in the United States is one hundred percent legal.

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