Right-Wing Troll Who Wore A MAGA Hat To Disneyland Gets Mercilessly Dunked On

In their 100% shame-free quest for notoriety in the right-wing internet fever swamps, many pro-Trump young people are turning to desperate and nonsensical stunts to “trigger the libs.” These kinds of immature antics help distract them from the fact the president they’re so devoted to is an abject failure, both as a president and a human being, so we can probably expect to see plenty more. A far-right YouTube personality is the latest to employ trolling as a political statement, this time at Disneyland.

This is the unfortunately named Ashton Whitty, a far-right YouTuber who deals in the usual racist pro-Nazi, pro-Trump drivel so many MAGA chuds gobble up:

I won’t link to her YouTube page, so you’re just gonna have to trust me.

Whitty decided to visit Disneyland sporting a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat (that really doesn’t go with the rest of her look, but whatever) in order to make some kind of political statement:

She was SHOCKED that no Spanish-speaking people touring “the happiest place on earth” took the time out of their vacation to tell her to go jump off Space Mountain:

Fact check: only 20% of Hispanics in America think Donald Trump has respect for people like them.

While she was there she managed to ruin her own Disneyland trip by forcing a pro-MAGA take on everything she experienced, which honestly seems more exhausting than going to Disneyland with a dozen kids:

Whitty actually did get some pushback for parading around a children’s theme park with a MAGA hat:

But the real drama started when Whitty voiced her opinion on Disney princesses, who she would like to be total sociopaths:

Naturally, people had some issues with her list. Some people pointed out there were already some (non-white) princesses who met her criteria:

And others just mocked her for being absolutely ridiculous:

Whitty took the well-earned dunkfest in stride. Just kidding! She tried to report someone who said she should be banned from Disneyland to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for some reason:

I think we need a Disney princess who isn’t such a lil snitch.