Right-Wing Trolls Are Pissed That White Supremacists Are The Villains In “Watchmen”

Conservative trolls are none too pleased with HBO’s new Watchmen series for calling out white nationalism as a bad thing. After all, why can’t we just have superhero shows without all those pesky politics?

If you’re not familiar with the Watchmen comics, the series presents an alternate version of America in which Watergate was never exposed, the U.S. won the Vietnam war, Nixon remained president for several decades.

The new HBO TV series based on the comics expands on Alan Moore’s original vision, bringing things into 2019 where the intensity of racism led President Robert Redford to provide reparations to all of those affected by racial violence. Unsurprisingly, the white supremacists on the show, known as the 7th Kavalry, are not pleased about this—and real-life white supremacists feel exactly the same.

Esquire pulled some Watchmen reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, and many right wingers had the same ridiculous concerns.

“It’s predicated on the white supremacy hoax propaganda. If you’ve let the media turn your feeble brain into moosh, this will serve to reinforce your delusions. If you seek truth, and can detect propaganda, this will bother you,” wrote one user called MrMcMurphy.

Another, named Lotheravanti, said: “They took everything that was good about Watchmen and Rorschach, then defecated all over it Last Jedi style. This isn’t Watchmen, it’s Wokemen, sorry, Wokepersons.”

James C. hated that there had to be a message behind the series, writing, “They took my favorite comic series and used it as a vessel for delivering political/ ideological rhetoric. Was really looking forward to this.”

Meanwhile, Bill W. accused the show of CAUSING racism, saying, “Somehow a show about gritty heroes became another show pandering to the SJWs of the world and inciting race divide and preaching an agenda.”

The staggering obliviousness of these posts is something else. Superheroes wouldn’t need to exist without villains in this world. White supremacists who attack people for no other reason than the color of their skin are villains. The heroes on Watchmen are out to stop them. What’s so hard to understand about this logic?

I guess there’s no reasoning with right-wing trolls.