Robin Williams’ Daughter Uses Viral Disney Filter—And Laughs When It Lands On Genie From “Aladdin”

Instagram has taken over every social media feed this week as people share the results of new filters that assign various Pokémon or Disney characters to users. One of the most popular recent ones was created by Arno Partissimo, and it’s called “Which Disney Character Are You.”

Since everyone basically grew up on Disney and loves to know more about themselves, it spread like fire. And even celebrities and their kids couldn’t resist, though some of them have a much more immediate connection to Disney.

For example, Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams, who famously voiced Genie in the original animated Aladdin. Williams’ performance in that cartoon is iconic and enchanting to children and adults, and while the filter assigns characters to people somewhat chaotically and randomly, in Zelda’s case it was right on the money. She shared her results on Twitter, captioning it simply, “Y’all…”

The filter flips through Disney cartoon faces over Zelda’s head until finally landing on….the Genie. Her response says it all:


That smile is the wholesome content we are here for! And it made everyone pretty emotional:

Robin Williams would find such a silly way to say hello to his kid—if such things are possible.

On the flip side, not everyone is happy with the message that Disney is sending. A few users have criticized the app as racist, as numerous Asian users have found they’re consistently labeled as Mulan:

Seems pretty suspicious, Disney! On the other hand, some matches don’t really seem to be attached to anything about the person physically and truly do seem meaningless…unless the filter really can read who people are internally? (No.)

If you’re having identity issues, leave these filters alone. The best one has already happened, and it’s Zelda’s.