Sickened Mitt Romney Rips Into Trump Over Mueller Report

Mitt Romney is trending today for tweeting his official reaction to the Mueller report and also for being a coward who only attacks Trump for points but doesn’t actually do anything to stop him or help people or at all act like a good person. The Utah senator and failed presidential candidate said he was “sickened” by the behavior of Trump and his cronies outlined in the report and “appalled” that those working on his campaign jumped into bed with Russia.

In spite of his not feeling well about all the crimes, Romney says it’s “good news” that there was “insufficient evidence to charge the President of the United States” (fact check: there is enough evidence, Mueller just decided not to indict Trump for various reasons and is leaving it up to Congress) because now we can “move on.”

It sounds like Romney will not be supporting the movement to impeach, which has already been kicked off by Elizabeth Warren. Unfortunately, a few key Democratic leaders are also not willing to get on the impeachment train, apparently because a ticket costs some courage and integrity.

Either way, absolutely no one is happy with Mitt Romney’s statement due to the fact that he’s still a Republican toady who groveled to Trump for the Secretary of State position that he didn’t get.

Remember this gem of a photo?

We all see you, Romney. And you’ll go down in history as one of the most despised and roasted politicians of our time.

If the only result of the Mueller report is that it separates the cowards from the people who actually care about this country and its people, that’s not so bad.