Douchebag Says Liking Women’s Butts Turns You Gay And Gets Lit Up On Twitter

Notorious longtime jerkwad Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, whom you might remember from Gamergate, among other such terrible things, found himself roasted hard on Twitter this weekend after tweeting that liking women’s butts is a “gateway” to homosexuality.

In the video, Roosh V. (as he is known), who calls himself the “King of Masculinity,” declares himself a “boob man” for the aforementioned reason and goes on to brag (?) that he’s never done anal sex, although he makes sure to mention that some girls have definitely wanted him to (uuuugggghhhh).

Roosh, who in 2016 tried to organize a meetup of pro-rape men and had to cancel it because a group of female boxers threatened to show up and kick everyone’s asses, and then he got death threats and had to go stay at his mom’s house, goes on to explain that he knows what comes out of a (woman’s) “back hole” because he also has a “back hole” and it’s “gross” and “there’s doodoo there.” He adds that maybe he’d be into it if he watched anal porn all day, but he definitely doesn’t. (Nothing convinces people you don’t watch something quite as much as randomly proclaiming you don’t.) He also calls his penis a “benis.” People, I listened to all minute and 11 seconds of this video so you don’t have to.

It’s honestly so hard to tell if he’s just trolling the world because his hypothesis about butts is just so inane. He can’t really be serious…can he?

Either way, Twitter immediately lit up with reactions to him. The tweet was only retweeted 3,000 times, compared to the 3,900 responses he got. Not a totally bonkers ratio, but still, people had stuff to say.

All right, let’s get this turd lord out of the news cycle as soon as possible.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.