Roseanne Accused David Hogg Of Giving A Nazi Salute, And The Internet Tore Her A New One

This has been a hell of a week for Roseanne Barr, who after decades of existing as a largely irrelevant (albeit beloved) sitcom star of yesteryear has been making news headlines, the latest of which sees her promoting a conspiracy theory against the Parkland teens.

But first, some context: Barr received a personal phone call from Donald Trump congratulating her on the Roseanne reboot, which premiered last Tuesday on ABC to gangbuster ratings (18.2 million viewers). Many were unhappy with this development, seeing this as a self-proclaimed triumph of right-wing politics (Barr is a vocal Trump supporter, as is her character in the reboot.)

This sentiment was fueled by a New York Times report alleging that during the call Trump had also thanked Roseanne for her support, a claim she vehemently denied on Twitter.

But this idea of Roseanne’s success (as a show and a human) inherently functioning as a victory of the conservative party was never an explicit one until people began sharing screencaps of a tweet she sent out tagging vocal Parkland survivor and March For Our Lives leader David Hogg just hours before the ABC premiere on Tuesday.

“NAZI SALUTE” wrote Barr in all caps, in response to a Twitter user who had tagged Hogg  in a tweet promoting a far-right conspiracy theory which labeled him a Nazi— fake news which has been veritably debunked. Barr later deleted her tweet, prompting many to wonder whether the network was responsible.

Barr backpedaled, saying the image of David Hogg giving the Nazi salute had been Photoshopped (though glaringly omitted is an apology to the gun violence survivor.)

When she was tweeted the picture in question— Hogg raising his fist at a #MarchForOurLives rally, Barr alleged the image was different from the one she’d seen.

However, screencaps suggest that Barr intentionally deemed a raised power fist a Nazi salute:

A number of Twitter users, including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kumail Nanjiani criticized Barr for the tweet, prompting the hashtag #BoycottRoseanne. Others called ABC out for giving Barr a platform in the first place.

Barr’s problematic past tweets also came to light:

This is not the first time Barr has used her Twitter as a platform on which to promote far-right Alex-Jones-propagated conspiracy theories. She has also been an adamant perpetrator of Pizzagate as well as the conspiracy that there was a coverup in the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Barr later thanked her writers, “all Liberals” (is nondiscriminatory capitalization a trait common to all Trump supporters?) and issued a somewhat half-hearted call for unification.

But her detractors aren’t buying it, calling Barr ultimately dangerous, hateful, and a relic we can no longer afford to offer a platform to.