Woman Gets Rude DM From Man On Hinge, Sends It To His Dad And His Internship

If you’ve ever been on a dating app, or spoken to a bunch of different people on a dating app, or paid any attention to society whatsoever, it will come as no surprise to you that women are often on the other end of cruel and even abusive comments. While this is true in real life as well, something about interacting over an app seems to amplify bad behavior.

One woman was sick of it and decided a man sending her inappropriate messages needed to be held accountable for his words.

Katie Pfeffer shared an interaction she had with a man named Lake on Hinge.

Though he’s clearly quite the catch, rather than engaging with him, Katie decided to send his opening line over to someone who would presumably want to know what kind of man he raised—Lake’s father.

“So sorry for the random message. Just thought you should know this is how your son speaks to women,” she wrote.

After posting about her investigation on Twitter to her considerable number of followers, additional information about this guy came pouring in.

“Since posting this I’ve had four girls message me saying this man is abusive, manipulative and racist,” she said in a tweet to General Mills, where someone told her Lake works as an intern.

And women who had no personal experience with Lake were also eager to weigh in because many of us have known more than our fair share of Lakes.

But not everyone agreed with Katie’s methods. It is telling that some men took time out of their day to slam Katie for being “dramatic” because she didn’t allow some random guy to speak to her disrespectfully.

But while Katie hasn’t updated with any responses from Lake’s dad, it seems as though Lake may have caught wind that his lame message has gone viral.

“I went to school with him, so I checked his insta,” @madhatter66 wrote. “He deleted it. We in a drought now, Lake has dried tf up.”