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Rudy Giuliani Defends Viral Nancy Pelosi Video, Accidentally Tweets Random Basketball GIF

A video has been flying around the internet after being tweeted out by our Child President that shows Speaker Nancy Pelosi stammering and correcting herself during a press conference.

This is apparently an effort by Trump, who’s perhaps tired of people pointing out his own brain farts, to suggest that his political opponent is really the one who should be doing a morning Sudoku puzzle. The problem is the video is clearly edited to make Pelosi’s verbal stumbles seem extreme rather than run-of-the-mill.

What’s more, a not merely edited but actually doctored version of the video was also spread around that made Pelosi appear to be impaired in her speech.

Nevertheless the ghouls of Trump’s inner circle, including literal goblin Rudy Giuliani defended the video. While Giuliani deleted the doctored version that he had shared he called the video (or videos) a “caricature exaggerating her already halting speech pattern” and saying Pelosi should apologize to Trump before anyone apologizes to her.

Giuliani, however, had to correct himself after initially sending a bizarre, typo-riddled tweet that proves once again that technology is not his friend.

The tweet which gets off to a great start with “ivesssapology for a video…” also includes a seemingly random basketball GIF of the Atlanta Hawks.

Those who have been paying attention will note that this is vintage Twitter Rudy. In the past Rudy has accidentally tweeted out links and cut off his own tweets at a single word among other things. He doesn’t delete these embarrassing faux pas and it’s unclear if he knows how to.

No one has ever needed an communications intern more than this Rudy, who appears to poke at his phone with a stick and hope for the best.

And just for fun: