At Least Eight Dead In Latest School Shooting At Santa Fe High School In Texas

There was another school shooting today, this time at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas near Houston. A gunman, armed with a shotgun, walked into a first period art class and started shooting. A student pulled the fire alarm and students began fleeing.

The students were told by school staff to run and hide. The shooter is now in police custody, but there were at least eight fatalities reported and an unknown number of injuries.

A school resource officer was shot and is among the multiple injuries reported. A second student was detained by police but it’s unclear why at this time.

This marks the 22nd school shooting of the year. There have only been 20 weeks so far in 2018, so we’re averaging a school shooting a week now.

President Trump was briefed on the shooting and responded with his characteristic empathy for all involved:

You can tell he cares, right?

Senator Ted Cruz also chimed in with the only help he’s willing to muster to stop the epidemic of gun violence at American schools:

A group of students at Santa Fe participated in the massive school walkout on April 20th this year to demand stricter gun control legislation:

And now we’ll wait as the impotent thoughts and prayers of cowardly, feckless politicians roll in as we drift between weary numbness and frustrated rage.