Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Trolled By Her Own Tweet

There’s nothing sweeter to witness than a devastating self-own. It’s like watching someone be defeated by their own boomerang.

And when the subject is deserving, it is glorious.

We were given an exemplary instance of this on Saturday when Donald Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was triumphantly owned by her own 2016 tweet.

In the tweet, which is an apparent reference to Hilary Clinton written shortly before the election, Sanders  wondered, with indignant capitalization, what would happen if someone from her party were similarly investigated by the FBI.

The current president, who Huckabee Sanders now regurgitates lies for on a daily basis. is of course no stranger to being investigated by the FBI  for his extremely suspicious ties to Russia, an inquiry that we recently learned is even broader in scope than previously thought.

The now highly ironic 2016 statement may have remained forgotten but CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski dug up the tweet and addd a simple but transformative touch by quoting from the classic Beatles song “Imagine.”

The irony and juxtaposition with a seminal song about idealism in the face of a hellish world was too perfect and the reaction was swift.


And the “Imagine” reference of course resulted in an octopus’s garden of Beatles memes.

Thanks for playing, Sarah. Be careful not to say anything that will come back to haunt you in a few years.

Actually…keep talking.