Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Struggling’ To Find A Job After Failing To Do Her Current Job

Remember when it was revealed back in June that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be leaving her Press Secretary position by the end of the year? She now has less than two days to pack up her stuff and leave, and yet she’s still around. She hasn’t released a statement or made any indication of when she’ll stop doing her current job, other than gradually doing less and less of that job.

After several months that felt like decades, we finally know why Sanders is still skulking around the White House. Nobody wants her.

According to Yahoo News, Sanders claimed to be “traveling” when they reached out to her about the rumors of her impending exit and didn’t respond after they sent her details about the story they were developing. Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, who was also supposed to be out of the White House by the end of the year, has also been cryptic about his future plans. However, he has changed his job title to “communications adviser.”

As Raw Story points out, it’s surprising that these two are having trouble finding word considering all the claims by their administration that unemployment rates have plunged under Trump thanks to all the great jobs that have come out of the post-recession economy. Have they tried becoming Uber drivers?

Nobody seems to know exactly what those two have been up to recently, because it certainly hasn’t been their jobs. White House journalists have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of briefings from Sanders and Shah. The press secretary is supposed to give daily briefings on the activity of the president and his administration – it’s been that way for decades. But in recent months, these have declined into monthly 15-minute briefings that end in Sanders walking away while the press demands that she does her job.

Naturally, people are not finding a lot of sympathy for Sanders or her struggles to find new employment.

One Twitter user has asked their followers to help Sanders out by thinking of new jobs for her. The results are highly satisfying.

Sanders should thank these folks for being so helpful. There are more straight answers to the question of where she should work next than she ever gave to the press.