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People Are Calling For Sarah Sanders’ Resignation After She Shared Doctored Video

People are calling for the resignation of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders after she shared what appeared to be an altered video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Sanders tweeted the video as part of an explanation as to why Acosta had his White House credentials revoked. She and the White House claimed that when an intern tried to take a microphone from Acosta during yesterday’s completely bonkers press conference, he “placed his hands” on the intern. In her tweet, she characterized Acosta’s behavior as “inappropriate.”

But what Sanders neglects to mention is that during that press conference on Wednesday, President Donald Trump and Acosta had a particularly nasty back and forth, in which Trump called Acosta a “rude” and “terrible” person. All this happened after Acosta tried to ask Trump questions about the racist ad his campaign ran to stoke the fears of immigration among his supporter base, as well as the Russia investigation. Those were both things that Trump clearly didn’t want to talk about.

The video that Sanders shared appeared to have been sped up, making it look like Acosta karate chopped the intern’s arm when in reality, that didn’t happen.

The video that Sanders shared had been tweeted earlier by conspiracy theorist and Info Wars (which is run by Alex Jones) editor Paul Joseph Watson.

CNN shared another version of the video, which shows the events as they actually happened.

Given that she shared what appears to be a doctored version of the video, many people on Twitter are calling for Sanders’ resignation.

A former FBI special agent, Asha Rangappa, claims that Sanders libeled Acosta by publishing a false statement that is damaging to someone’s reputation.

Sanders stands by her original comments, however. According to HuffPost, Sanders gave a statement Thursday afternoon saying, “The question is: did the reporter make contact or not? The video is clear, he did. We stand by our statement.”

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