Sarah Sanders Roasted For Saying Congress Is Too Stupid To Read Trump’s Tax Returns

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was back at it again on Sunday, defending Donald Trump like the tireless, clueless mouthpiece that she is.

Among other things, Sanders, who never met a fact she couldn’t ignore, told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that she didn’t think Congress was “smart enough” to understand Trump’s long-awaited but still-unreleased tax returns and said that she didn’t trust them to look through “the decades of success that the President has.”

Sanders also called the House’s demand to see Trump’s taxes like every other goddamn president “a disgusting overreach” but it was her comment that Congress isn’t “smart enough” to understand Trump’s decades of corrupt wheelings and dealings that caught people’s attention and drew their ire.

Her intelligence was…questioned.

Now please enjoy this excellent song featuring Sarah “Stephen Hawking” Sanders by Super Deluxe.