Sasha Baron Cohen Reveals How Shameless And Unhinged The Gun Lobby Is In The Latest Clip From His New Show

Sasha Baron Cohen is back in the game pranking right-wing politicians and activists. The clip from his new show Who Is America? is out and it’s some of the best work he’s ever done. He’s already humiliated Sarah Palin and others into confessing they took part in the series after being duped by Cohen, but there’s plenty more where that came from.

Sasha Baron Cohen of Borat and Ali G fame is back to his usual tricks, pranking clueless politicians and activists. His latest character is “Col. Erran Morad,” an Israeli military official who wants to arm toddlers.

The clip features “gun rights” activist Philip Van Cleave, who Cohen tricks into shooting an instructional video aimed at teaching children as young as four years old how to use firearms.

“Just remember to point Puppy Pistol’s mouth at the middle of the bad man,” Van Cleave says against a green-screened Blues Clues-style backdrop. “Aim at the head, shoulders, not the toes, not the toes,” he repeats, while Cohen as Morad shouts “FIRE!”

“The good thing about toddlers is that they don’t really have fear of guns. This fear is given to them by the media,” Cohen/Morad says. “Let’s see if we can stop these anti-gun people from getting everyone killed.”

Cohen also pranks gun lobbyist Larry Pratt, saying “The only thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good boy with a gun,” to which Pratt responds “Yeah, even a good toddler.”

Cohen’s latest pranks shows how shameless Republicans will say just about anything in front of a camera. Former Congressman and current right-wing radio host Joe Walsh gives a particularly enthusiastic reading of Cohen’s talking points about arming children. And former GOP Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and current Republican congressmen—including Putin fan Dana Rohrbacher, Trump toady Matt Gaetz, and Joe Wilson (the GOP congressman who shouted “You lie!” during one of President Obama’s joint addresses to Congress)—all take part as well.

Who Is America? premieres tonight on Showtime at 10pm.