15 Of The Most Savage DGAF Posts In The History Of Social Media

Some people live their social media lives without a single thought for what people think of them. They are who they are—their true selves and their social media selves are in alignment—and that is a beautiful thing. Filter-free and laid bare.

They don’t hide behind Instagram filters or staged photos. Instead, they put whatever they choose to on blast—even when it involves other people. Especially when it involves other people.

They are gods, really. And we should all aspire to their level of savage sincerity.

1. This incredibly angry girlfriend:

2. This Aggressive-aggressive retort from Sharon:

3. This straight up callout:

4. This punishment suggestion from Judi:

5. This incredible band break-up notice:

6. This sugar baby Instagram post that is truly nothing short of a work of art:

7. This unapologetic mom comment:


8. This unfazed fiancé:

9. This picture of a husband:

10. This Yelp review that goes above and beyond the call of doody duty:

11. This admission of a sexting faux pas:

12. This strict talking to from one Maureen Johnson to another:


13. This girl sharing the way her mom found out about her pierced nipples:

14. This Proud Dad Moment:

15. And finally, this extra (and generous(?)) AF suggestion from Steven Tyler:

h/t BuzzFeed

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