Con “Victim” Drives Scammer Up The Wall, Trolls Them After Being “Offered” $150,000

People love watching scammers get scammed because even if you’ve never been successfully ripped off my predatory Facebook creeps, you’ve definitely been annoyed by them. Robo-calls, spam email, random messaging on every social media platform. Get out of my life, scammers! I have things to do!

That’s probably why this conversation posted to Imgur by which they wrote they found on Facebook is so, so funny. In it, the scammer actually gets as annoyed as we all feel—but with their mark.

The messages begin on the scammer’s side and are supposedly coming from someone named Delores Lola Ochoa. Is Delores the name of the person running this scam? Who knows, but she appears to be messaging some random guy or gal who we will call “Mark,” to avoid confusion. Anyway, she writes, “Hello. How are you doing?” as a fairly normal opening, to which Mark simply responds, “Good.”

That’s when she launches into the scam.

“I’m happy to tell you about the International Monetary Funding Company; because they has changed my life for good,” she cheerfully writes. “I got a cash of $150,000 from them after I get in touch with the claiming agent in charge. Have you heard of them?”

Um, no.

The way a scam like this works is that you’re told a company or organization is giving away free money, but you have to pay them an amount first, which they say covers taxes, wiring fees, delivery charges, whatever. And then, surprise! You never get the money. Delores asked Mark for $1,500, a small fraction of the alleged $150,000 coming to him via this miraculous monetary agency. Mark sounded happy to participate, but their way of sealing the deal was requesting the money via Facebook from Delores.

They request $1,500 again and again, promising to send it back.

Then start negotiating how much they can send, claiming to only have $9.31. The scammer tries to adjust, hoping to only suck out $500 from Mark, but it doesn’t work. Mark is resistant, via continued idiocy:

Mark says they’re trying to sell some of their stuff, and suggests that Delores buys their lava lamp for $19:

The conversation finally ends after Mark tries to facebook request the $19 from Delores, who yell-types, “GTFO. Are you dumb?”

Yep. Dumb like a fox.