This Viral Facebook Post About A School Lockdown Is Literally Bringing People To Tears

A devastating Facebook post written by a woman named Shelley Harrison Reed has gone viral for demonstrating the “new normal” American schoolchildren face daily.

Written on February 7, Reed’s post describes the aftermath of a bomb threat called into her children’s school.

She writes how although there was a genuine lockdown and police were called, her children “seemed fine” when they returned home from school.


But it wasn’t until she was changing her daughter, Vanessa, out of her uniform that she noticed something written on the girl’s arm.

“Love mom and dad,” it read in marker.


When she asked about the message, the little girl replied that she had written it “in case the bad guy got to us and I got killed, you and daddy would know that I love you.”


When she began to cry, “I watched a little piece of her innocence get stolen away,” writes Reed.

The incident understandably remained with Reed hours later.


Reed’s post garnered over 82,000 reactions, 9,000 comments, and 68,000 shares in less than one weeks’ time. Many of the comments were from moms relating to Shelley’s situation and voicing their sadness and helplessness at the state of affairs.

It was then shared to Twitter—where it also went viral—by mom, social worker, and teacher Allison Berkowitz.

The post made people tear up across social media platforms.

The fact that we have normalized school shootings, and that children across the nation live with the fear of dying every day, is utterly devastating.

Something in our country needs to change, and fast. But until comprehensive gun legislation is enacted, and until lawmakers stop stuffing their pockets with NRA cash, progress is simply unattainable. We need to do better.