Fox News Host Sean Hannity Uses Winter Storm To Deny Climate Change

Sean Hannity— Fox News host, fervent conspiracy theorist, and diehard Trumpster— knows a lot. He knows about the “secret sperm cells” within Obama’s presidential portrait. He knows that immigrants are hurting our country, despite undisputed data proving the opposite. He is also well-versed in meteorology, and knows that climate change is a hoax.

On his radio show on Tuesday, Hannity revealed his scientific acumen when he cited this weeks massive Nor’easter as evidence of the nonexistence of climate change. He then had fellow climate change denier Joe Bastardi on his show, a man who believes the weather is the result of God’s will and also does not understand thermodynamics.

The host then interrupts Bastardi’s plugging of his own book to say:

“They do lie to us repeatedly about global warming, and then it’s global cooling..and then it’s global…’The ice age is coming,’ Time Magazine had, and then the Earth is going to blow up, and burn up, and now they just — they just call it global whatever climate change,” Hannity continued, though who “they” are and what “they” are lying about was never made clear. “Because this way, it’s generic,” continued Hannity.

“And if it’s hot or too hot, they can say it’s climate change. If it’s cold, too cold, they can say it’s climate change. But it didn’t work out when they said ‘global cooling’ or ‘global warming,’ so they had to fix it,” he said, rewording his previous statement and also accurately encompassing what climate change is.

“Yeah, well, it’s like if you were like in [a] match, Sean, and every time you scored a point, the other guy got one,” said Bastardi, “that’s how it works, any answer is the right answer, anything can happen and probably will.” A bewildering statement that seems to make a point but in reality isn’t relevant to the conversation at all.

Harsh winter storms are no doubt one of the top arguments used by climate change deniers. Just a few months ago, Donald Trump tweeted that very sentiment:

Luckily, generations of the future are fighting hard to make the world a better place, and that includes going head to head with the forces that be in the battle for environmental regulations. Just today, a federal appeals court rejected the Trump administration’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of kids who believe the federal government has a constitutional duty to protect children’s futures by protecting the environment.

The resistance remains strong.

h/t Salon