Sean Hannity Roasted For All Caps Rant After Mueller Report Summary

Republicans sure are freaking out today, with many of them prematurely celebrating what they think is the end of all criminal investigations into Donald Trump. It’s not, which will make certain points in the future extra fun. However, it almost seems like some of them are aware of this and are yelling a little too loudly about their alleged win to really appear to be genuinely celebrating. For example, what the hell is going on with Fox News’ Sean Hannity right now?

Someone’s either really stressed out, practicing acting like Trump in the hopes that he, too, can one day be a terrible president, or he dipped a little too deep into the celebration powder, if you know what I mean.

Every fake news media liar, Hannity? Is that a promise?

Earlier Sunday he posted an even more confusing tweet that seemed to attack journalism as a whole, apparently forgetting that he’s been trying to pass himself off as a journalist since 1989.

Is this a jab at the Drudge Report for still being like that, complete with the banner ad about how you should buy gold? Because it seems like he’s on the Drudge Report’s side on this, and yet he posts this image with the “journalism is dead” caption, and everyone is confused.

It seems like even Hannity himself doesn’t know what’s going on with Hannity, because again:

Either way, people are enjoying watching this all-caps meltdown take place, and the jokes are hot off the presses.

Can you imagine how Sean’s going to react when the indictments continue after he and the rest of the Fox News mouthpieces tried so hard to convince themselves that everything was finally safe?