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People Are Applauding This Sephora’s Special Shopping Baskets For Introvert Customers

Enjoying shopping in stores relies on liking a lot of non-shopping things, like crowds, loud music, and being repeatedly approached by strangers who ask you invasive questions. You can always tell when it’s company policy to be as aggressive with shoppers as possible because you won’t be able to walk two feet in a store without being accosted by someone wearing a name tag.

I don’t blame the retail workers, it’s their job to harass me. I blame the company for putting that pressure on them and thus, on me.

But there are people who like the interaction! For some reason. If only there was a way to satisfy everybody. Boom! There is!

This photo from a European Sephora store has gone viral because it seems like the perfect way to delineate who wants help and who doesn’t.

If you’re carrying a red basket, it means “I would like to be assisted. If you’re carrying a black basket, it means, “I would like to shop on my own!”

introvert sephora basket

Everyone can get what they want. People with anxiety or just a dislike of public interactions with strangers are loving this idea.

Lush keeps getting called out in the comments as a particularly difficult store to enter without being harassed:

Lush, wyd??

Clearly, enough people are having this issue that it’s keeping them out of stores. But some people wondered what would happen is they changed their mind and needed help:

Others wondered if this would cause the store to lose money:

But some people say it would actually lead to more money for the store:

Most people seemed thrilled by the choice, however, and it’s already something done in a few Korean stores:

Please, bring these to the U.S. I promise, Sephora, I already spend an ungodly amount of money. the longer I can walk around unmolested, the worse it will get. For my pocketbook.