Seventh Graders Protest Principal’s Denial Of Free Tampons With Tampon Cookies

Middle schoolers were angry that their principal denied their request for the school to provide free tampons for menstruating students, so they decided to protest the decision by making tampon-shaped cookies.

Given that having a period isn’t a choice or something that biological females can simply choose to opt out of, many people believe that tampons and pads should be provided free of charge since they’re considered a necessity.

According to Global Citizen, lack of funds to pay for menstrual hygiene products keeps a lot of kids out of school, which is never a good thing.

It can be mortifying, especially when you’re a teen, to have your period at school. Being new to menstruation means that you’re not yet used to your cycle, which can be unpredictable in the best of cases, so having easy access to pads and tampons while at school is paramount. The students at this school wanted these products placed in all bathrooms so menstruating students could access them easily, but the principal said no.

“My friend’s 7th grader goes to a school where the kids organized for free tampons in the bathroom,” read a tweet posted by Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America on Tuesday. “The male principle said no because they would ‘abuse the privilege.'”

Instead of lashing out with bad behavior, the students decided to take a nicer (and admittedly tastier) approach: by making tampon-shaped cookies, complete with strings hanging out of them. Hogue tweeted a photo of the cookies along with the story, and it wasn’t long before responses started pouring in.

“Our male principal okayed a personal hygiene pantry 2 yrs ago. It has been appreciated and not abused. We didn’t ask before we set up a sharing shelf in the girl’s restroom this month (pads, tampons and sample size deodorant). Also appreciated by the girls,” one wrote.

Another added, “I am obsessed with this and the kids at this school?? Love to be reminded that the kids are DEFINITELY alright.”

Whether or not the protest will bring about meaningful change at the school and inspire the principal to get his head out of his own butt and give the students free hygiene products is yet to be seen, but hopefully, he’s sufficiently embarrassed by how awesome and mature these kids are in light of his terrible decision.